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Steps in brief

  1. Turn on maintenance mode.
  2. Backup moodle database on the old server.
  3. Backup the moodle public folder.
  4. Backup the moodledata folder.
  5. Update the moodle config.php file with the new database details, $CFG->wwwroot and $CFG->dataroot.
  6. Upload the moodle files/folders to the new site.
  7. Log into the admin and make sure that it loads correctly.
  8. Run search and replace tool to update urls (if domain has changed).

moodle Detailed Guide

Which hosting company do you use?

I'm Philip and this little website is my online side project. I often get asked which company I use for my website projects. Most of the hosting companies out there are no longer independent but instead owned by one of the big hosting giants who generally offer poor or average services (in my opinion). (the company I use) are still independent (UK based) and go against everything the big companies stand for. Fast servers, good tech support and they actually re-invest a huge chunk of their profits to keep improving their services. All Krystal customers can offer people a £20 referral discount. If you do move to Krystal, please consider using the discount code "WMG" to get £15 off your hosting order (Krystal will give me the remaining £5 for referring you).

Thanks again and happy surfing.