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How to set up a MySQL database in eXtend.

The below guide will show you how to set up a new database using the eXtend control panel.

Open the extend control panel and scroll down to the "web tools" section. You should then see a "MySQL" database icon. Click this icon to load the MySQL databases page.

Click the mysql databases icon

You should now see a "Create a MySQL Database" section. In the username box, enter your desired username. It should not contain the words "test", "root", "mysql", nor "alive" and must be at least 6 characters long but no more than 9.

In the password box, enter your desired database password (or click the Generate Password button to have eXtend create one for you).

Then click the "Create" button.

Create a MySQL Database

Your database will now be created and it will be shown below.

It's worth noting that the username will have additional characters appended to it (to make sure it's a unique database name).

To find your MySQL database connection details, scroll down the page until you see the database that you created. The details will be as follows:

1) MySQL database host.
This is located under the server column. Whilst an IP address will be displayed, you can also use "localhost". We recommend using "localhost" instead of the IP as this will allow you to take advantage of any cloud based system your host has (instead of connecting to a single server via the IP).

2) MySQL database username.
This is located under the username column.

3) MySQL database name.
This is the same as the username.

4) MySQL database password.
This is under the password field.

mysql login


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