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How to set up a database in Plesk

The below guide will show you how to set up a database using Plesk. In this guide we will be using the "Service Provider view" but the steps will be similar in "Power User view".

Log into your plesk admin area and click the 'domains' tab from the left.

Plesk domains link

You should now see the domains page. Click your domain name to load up the hosting subscription features.

domain name

Next, click the databases link in the top right.

databases icon in plesk

Click the "+ Add Database" button at the top.

add database button

Under the 'General' section, enter the name that you have chosen for your database in the 'Database name' box. Then from the dropdown, select your website domain.

add a database details

Make sure that the 'Create a database user' is ticked under the 'users' section. Then enter a database username and password of your choice and click the OK button.

generate database user

That's it, you have now created your database and you should see a database created message.

Information: The database was created.


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