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How to set up a Vigor 130 with the USG using VDSL2

So recently, after becoming fed up with poor wifi in my house, I decided to take the plunge and get some Unifi gear. To keep things nice and simple, I went for the following:

1 X Unifi Security Gateway (USG)
1 X US-8-60W Unifi Switch
1 X Cloud Key (1st gen)
2 X Unifi AP-AC-LR
1 X Dreytek Vigor 130 (UK version)

I won't go into details on the setup in this guide (since it's supposed to be a guide on hooking up the Vigor to the USG) but so far, it's blown my old Netgear D7800 ( mixed with an Asus RTn66u as an access point) out of the water.

Anyhow, I digress!

One thing I did have issues with was getting my Dreytek Vigor 130 to work correctly with my USG and BT Infinity/Openreach (technically an EE line but they are part of BT now) VDSL connection.

Now from what I read online (including the UBNT forums), everyone said you can simply leave the Dreytek alone and just do all the configuration via the USG. Well, after several hours and alot of swearing at a white box, I just couldn't get the Dreytek and USG to make a net connection. I could get the Dreytek to sync up and pull the VDSL line connection speeds but I just couldn't get an active PPPoE net connection.

In the end, I got it up and running by putting it into bridge mode (as shown below).

Now before people jump on to the comments stating no changes should have been necessary, I hear you but....well.....they were...or at least for me to get a connection they were.

I'm not sure if this would work for SKY but it should also work for plusnet, TalkTalk or any of the other mayor UK ISPs that use BT/Openreach lines.

Factory Reset the Dreytek Vigor 130

The first thing I would suggest doing is resetting your Vigor 130 using the reset button on the back. This isn't necessary but it does mean that you should then have the exact same settings as I did and in turn will be able to follow this guide without any different settings.

Step 1 : Setup Draytek Vigor 130

Connect your computer to the Dreytek, open a browser and load When the Dreytek admin login appears, enter admin as the username and admin as the password, then click "Login".

modem login

From the menu on the left, click "Internet Access".

internet access

From the expanded menu, select "MPoA / Static" or "Dynamic IP".

MpoA / Static or dynamic IP

Next to MPOa (RFC1483/2684) tick "Enable". Enter "1492" into the MTU box then click "OK".

mpoa bridge mode

You should see a "Reboot System" message appear, click "OK".


You will be directed to a "Router is restarting. Please wait for around 10 seconds" message. Count to 10 then click the link provided.

Reboot message

At this stage, you can now disconnect your computer from the DreyTek and instead connect the Dreytek directly into the WAN1 port on the USG. You can also (if you haven't already), connect the DSL cable from your BT phone socket into your Vigor 130.

Warning : Before disconnecting your Dreytek, change the admin login details if you did a factory reset earlier. I would also advise checking the firmware is up to date whilst you are in the admin.

Additional Screenshots

I've included screenshots of the other page settings. This is for two reasons:

  1. So that someone more clued up on Unifi / Dreytek than me can see what the Vigor 130 sets by default and spot why it didn't work with my USG to start with.
  2. So that others can check their settings to make sure that they match (and in turn rule out the Vigor having incorrect settings should they not be able to get a connection later on in the guide).


general setup

online status


Step 2 : Setup PPPoE in the Unifi USG

You should now have the Dreytek Vigor 130 plugged into your DSL and an ethernet cable going from it to the WAN1 in the USG. Connect your computer to the LAN1 and enter the IP into your browser (accept any privacy SSL warnings).

Once you get the login screen, enter your Unifi login details. If you have re-set your USG or if it's the first time it's loaded up, the username and password will be "ubnt".

unifi usg login

Once logged in, click the configuration link in the left menu.


Select "PPPoE" from the "Connection Type" dropdown then enter your ISP login username and password then click "Apply". For BT customers, the login username is "" and the password is "bt" . As I am with EE, the login details were PRODUCTIONHQNUN111111111@fs and HQNPASS111111111 (where the "111111111" will be your account ID, contact EE for this).

Make sure NOT to tick VLAN. I ticked this the first time and added 101 (which was required when using my Netgear DM200 in bridge mode) but this caused issues with the Dreytek, presumably because this is already set in the Vigor (??).

enter ISP details

Once the page refreshes / informs you that the settings are saved (give it time, it sometimes takes a while), click the refresh arrows to the right of the message "The gateway is unable to connect to the internet. Please check your configuration.".

Retry connection

After a few seconds, you should get a green "Congratulations! The Gateway is connected to the internet" message.

the gateway is connected to the internet

That's it! You can now hook up your switch and any cloudkey etc (if required) to continue with your Unifi range setup.

Hope this helps others, as simple as it was, it had me stumped for ages!


If this guide has helped you or if you feel it could be improved, please let us know in the comments below.

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